Victor Costa

Chef d'orchestre / Conductor






« I the undersigned, Jenö Rehak, teacher of conducting at the Nantes Conservatory, certify that I know Mr. Victor Costa very well as he was a former student in my conducting class. Victor Costa began a promising career as a conductor a few years ago. I had the opportunity to be at several of his rehearsals and concerts, and I speak very highly of his performances. Mr. Costa’s interpretations are precise and of perfect musicality; he has an excellent ear and a virtuosity to be envied. His rehearsals are remarkably effective, and he conducts his musicians with a firm but friendly hand. Thanks to all his qualities, I am sure that Mr. Costa is destined for a brilliant career as a conductor. I highly recommend him to those who desire to help young talented musicians. »

Jenö Rehak




« I hereby certify that the young and talented conductor Victor Costa is a first class element, deserving to be helped by the best theatres and orchestras. He is only due to obtain the best results and he is destined for a brilliant career. He has been my disciple in various Master classes with the most laudatory results. »

Gianfranco Rivoli




« Victor Costa who was my student in the Paris Conservatory is a conductor of real promise. He is a hard working able musician who merits attention. I warmly recommend him. »

János Fürst




« Mr. Victor Costa was a participant in a week of master classes with me at the Paris Conservatory in which he exhibited many strong qualities as a young conductor. He is a serious and talented young man with a remarkable facility and a very calm and confident demeanour on the podium. His gestures are impeccable… and he could be a very successful conductor. I do recommend him. »

John Nelson




« I have had the pleasure of working with Victor Costa at a master class in Paris in 1997 and I found him to be a most receptive, dedicated, sensitive and diligent conductor. I believe that he has all of the necessary abilities to become a conductor of very high calibre. I wish him the best for his career. »

David Robertson




« I want to bring to your attention Victor Costa, a young conductor who was a master class participant under my direction in Finland during June 2000. He is a dedicated, talented and serious musician who deserves every opportunity to show what he can do. I recommend him favourably. »

Esa-Pekka Salonen




« In 2008, I was his teacher for two weeks when I was the director of the Vendôme International Academy pour jeunes chefs d'orchestres and he was one of the six selected conductors. He rehearsed the orchestra effectively and led a beautiful performance of the Fifth Symphony of Schubert. Victor is a well trained and experienced conductor and he would be very comfortable and highly effective in a conductor position. He has very clearly defined musical ideas and excellent ear. »

Kenneth Kiesler


Professor of Conducting and Director of Orchestras, University of Michigan

Founder and Director, Conductors Retreat at Medomak

Director of Conductors Programme, Canada's National Arts Centre

Former Director, Vendome International Academy for Conductors of the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris

Conductor Laureate, Illinois Symphony Orchestra and Illinois Chamber Orchestra